Gift Exchange

If you don't know the following information, contact Customer Experience (blue@unitedbyblue) with the gifter's full name to get this info!

First 6 digits (ex: 837241)
The zip code where the order shipped
Gifter's full name
Please enter the email address at which you'd like to receive your return shipping label and online store credit.
Not a Gift?

How it Works

Receive Gift!

Yay - you've received a United By Blue gift! It turns out that you need a different size, color, item…

Instantly Exchange

Receive an online store credit voucher to shop for your exchange item(s) immediately!

Mail Back Original

Use the supplied return shipping label to send the original item(s) back to us.

Common Questions

What information will I need to proceed?

The gift receiver will need the order number and delivery address zipcode in order to verify that the gift was purchased directly through us. You are then presented with a screen where the gifted items are displayed and you’re asked to provide the cause of return. You are then given a store credit code for the value of your returned item(s) that you can use to shop for replacement items immediately!

Will the gift giver know that it has been exchanged?

Not unless you tell them! Or if they call you out for wearing a completely different hat than the one they bought you ;)

What if I decide to spend more than the voucher amount?

The voucher comes in the form of a store credit code, so you can just pay the difference through our normal online store check out!

How will this exchange store credit work?

At the time a shipping label is presented, you are also offered an instant gift exchange store credit code. A link takes you to shop again immediately in the store, where you load up your cart and use the code at checkout as you would any discount/gift card code.

How much time do I get to return the items?

It is best if you mail them back as soon as possible, but you have about 10 days to drop those return items in the mail so that they are received in time.

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